Fairy Tale Decor

Inspiration through bold fashion statements as fantasy-like drama

What a colorful day today—one filled with vibrancy and a whimsy flair to the theatrical air! A fairy tale-like decor journey created for a favorite client who finds inspiration in and through bold fashion statements, vibrancy of her own inner and outer color, and fantasy-like drama that she wildly displays through her decor choices! This gorgeous dining room dresses itself up through visual imagery that evokes couture-clad “Alice in Wonderland” dining in the courts of Versailles. Collectible fine-art photography popping off the pages of an open coffee table book that will soon hang on her walls framed in chic black lacquer! Fabulous hot yellow flocked wallpaper with whimsical over-sized silhouettes delightfully adds to the storybook atmosphere! And dining below a beautiful old antique chandelier dripping in crystals and gilt gold becomes a dining experience as if glitter has been thrown and suspended in air.