The Power of Color

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius

The power of color is seen as set apart from the rest, which sounds a-lot like something chosen and divine. A colorful statement maker can alone make a difference in the energy, vibrancy, and atmospheric passion of the room. Color can be especially valuable in a neutral or monochromatic setting that is in need of a vibrant burst of visual enticement not only to draw one into the room but also to invite their eyes to linger longer at what is being displayed. As featured in the photograph, the power of the purple orchid breathes life into this soft serene space with its own ability to represent a graceful strength and feminine elegance. To me, the beauty of the orchid would make one “aesthetically assume” that they could smell expensive perfumes, see lit candles, and hear the running water of a bubble bath while provoking thoughts of pretty towels and lingerie strewn across a chair behind the door. Color can tell a story with its powerful presence to aid the visual in creating a desired atmosphere in a room, whatever that atmosphere may be! Perhaps even behind closed doors! Beautiful!